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Sylvain Pigetoriginally from Cognac and born in 1988, is a french painter and visual artist.

Since his childhood, his interest in drawing, painting and creating wooden models has only grown.


Afters a decade spent in Barcelona, punctuated by varied experiences in the field of automobiles and design, he reconnected with his artistic passiontick in 2016. Art then becomes the private meansilegy through which he expresses his emotions, his painting being characterized by its abstraction, its color and its power.

Little by little, Sylvain's creative impulse transcends the limits of the canvas, pushing him towards a new dimension. This is how he crossed a new threshold by embarking on the creation of his first wooden wall sculptures, where he explored the notions of volume and color.

Wood has always had a particular importance for the artist, nourished by the artisanal heritage of her carpenter grandfather. This early affection for this material cultivated in him a deep and meaningful connection.

Driven by a ceaseless search for beauty, the artist deploys all his reflection and know-how in his contemporary sculptures. He likes to play with volumes and textures, experimenting with both paint and materials. 
The depth of his artistic universe bears witness to his passion and dedication.

Self-taught and perfectionist, Sylvain Piget tirelessly pursues his artistic evolution, nourished by limitless creativity.


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